Did you know that good curb appeal increases the value of your home by as much as 7%? If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your home or business, pressure washing is an easy and cost-effective way to get the job done. Curb appeal is also just one of the many power washing benefits.

From cleaning your home’s exterior to saving you time and money, we’ll go over all the reasons pressure washing in Clarksville, TN is a great return on your investment. Think of this as your go-to guide to pressure and power washing.

1. Prevents Damage to Your Exterior

Dirt, moss, and grime build up on the exterior of your home or business. This leads to harmful corrosion over time. Corrosion damages everything from paint to sealant, shingles, and concrete.

Corrosion will break down siding, wood decking, roofing, and the coating on your home’s outdoor surfaces. This leaves your home venerable to damage from moisture, pests, and the elements. To help prevent damage to the exterior of your home, hire a professional pressure washer to keep your exterior clean and intact.

2. Residential Power Washing Saves Money

Power washing your home can save you money in several ways. First, it keeps your home safe from damage. Damage from the corrosion mentioned above will cost you a ton in the long run. Consider how much it costs to replace roofing and siding.

When you compare the low cost of a pressure wash over needing to replace damaged roofing or siding, you’ll save a lot of money. Pressure washing gently and safely removes dirt and harmful bacteria from exterior surfaces. This means fewer repairs, re-painting, and damage control.

3. Pressure Washing Saves Time and Energy

You have a full plate. Between work, family, friends, and other obligations, there likely isn’t a lot of time left over in the day to focus on cleaning and home maintenance. This is where a professional will save you time, energy, and stress.

Trying to pressure wash a home yourself means time away from work and family. It also means weekends spent on a ladder, renting equipment, and spinning your wheels. Hiring a professional lets you relax on the weekend.

Let the professionals take care of cleaning your home’s exterior so that you can focus on fun and relaxation. If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, attempting a do-it-yourself power wash will take days. Let the experts get the job done quickly and correctly.

4. Create a Safer Home Exterior or Workplace

Power washing is a great alternative to chemical cleaning products because it uses natural water to get rid of dirt, mold, mildew, and other stains from the outside of your home. This means no harsh chemicals in the air or on your skin. You don’t want to spray excess chemicals around your home where children and pets play.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria growing on the outside of your home or business are also harmful. Too much exposure to mold is harmful to adults and kids. Pressure and power washing the exterior of your home or business will help prevent you from breathing in toxins, bacteria, and mold.

5. Boosts Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is your chance to make a great first impression. You want family, friends, and guests to feel welcome at your home. A clean home lets people know your home is safe and well taken care of.

If neighbors and guests see a dirty exterior, full of mildew or mold, this doesn’t leave them with a good first impression. Compared to other exterior updates, pressure washing is also a cost-effective update that won’t break the bank. Your home’s exterior will look clean, fresh, and ready to welcome friends and family.

6. Increases the Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, the last thing you want to do is make it harder for potential buyers to fall in love with your property. A clean home will look more attractive, and a well-maintained one is more likely to attract buyers who will be willing to pay top dollar for it. 

A power washing service can help restore some of that lost value by removing dirt buildup from siding and trim work around doors and windows. This makes them appear newer than they are.

The same goes for decks, patios, and driveways. Power washing gives you a fresh and updated new surface without expensive replacements or repairs.

7. Hiring a Professional Reduces the Chance of Injury

One of the biggest advantages of hiring someone to power wash your home is that you know the job is done right. Professionals have the right tools, supplies, and training to get the job done safely and effectively.

Trying to climb on top of your roof or the second story of your home isn’t safe. You could risk a fall or serious injury without the proper precautions. Leave this to the professionals.

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Hiring a professional pressure washer means less stress and more money saved on costly repairs. Most importantly, you’re not putting yourself at risk to power wash your roof or siding yourself. Leave pressure washing to the professionals and give your home, roof, decking, or business a fresh new look.

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