Did you know that Americans are spending over $3,000 annually on home improvements? You might be looking for places to trim costs from your maintenance to-do list. But if you’ve never taken on cleaning your gutters with a pressure washer, you should exercise caution before giving this maintenance task a try.

It is possible to use a pressure washer successfully, but you’ll need to keep a few tips in mind. Read on to learn everything you need to know about cleaning gutters with pressure washer techniques!

Be Mindful of the Pressure

While pressure washing can be an excellent way to clean your gutters, it does require a skillful approach. Using pressure that is too concentrated can lead to roof damage and chip away paint. 

You’ll need to pay attention to the pounds per square inch (PSI) when operating a pressure washer. A lower PSI means you’re exerting less force. Some pressure washers come with special attachments for gutters to ensure you’re operating with less pressure. 

A soft wash, for instance, entails applying cleaning chemicals at a low PSI. This can be an effective way to clean your gutters without as much risk of damage. And a cleaner can help revive your gutters and remove algae or mildew.

Aggressive power washing with a high PSI, however, can chip away paint and leave your gutters looking worn. That’s where it can pay to hire a professional power washing service. They’ll have the expertise to ensure that they’re always using the right amount of pressure. 

Remove Stubborn Clogs and Debris First

Why bother to clean your gutters in the first place? Over time, dead leaves and other debris build up in your gutters. And if your house has lots of foliage on the property, your gutters will fill up even more quickly.

Debris can attract pests while having a corrosive effect on your gutters. And gutters that are full of leaves won’t allow water to drain properly after a rainfall. Or water can collect and freeze during colder weather.

Pooling water can lead to roof damage and leaks within your home. Worse yet, it can seep into your foundation. This can lead to wet basements and structural damage that is expensive to fix.

That’s why it can be beneficial to target clogs by hand-cleaning first. You’ll want to wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves if you attempt to do this yourself. Manually remove clogged areas of twigs and dead leaves first so you’re not tempted to use a higher PSI when pressure washing.

It’s also important to address these areas because they can get picked up by the wind during thunderstorms. The last thing you want is to have clogged materials in your gutters become airborne. Those seemingly harmless twigs, branches, and refuse can cause damage to your home. 

Stay Safe When You Clean Gutters

Cleaning gutters requires taking some safety precautions. After all, you don’t want to fall or injure yourself.

Be sure to wear gloves and sturdy shoes when you’re manually removing materials from your gutters. You’ll avoid hurting your hands if you hit prickly branches. And you won’t come into contact with bacteria or excrement from pests – or lose your balance when reaching.

Wear eye protection, too. If you’ve had any repairs on your roof, there could be screws or other sharp objects lurking in your gutters. You could wear a protective hat, as well. 

Are you comfortable with heights? Think twice about using a ladder, especially if you are inexperienced in doing so. You’ll risk falling and injuring yourself while attempting to access your gutters.

Consider using a telescoping wand attachment instead. This enables you to stay on the ground. So you may not even need a ladder!

Additionally, you’ll want to prepare your property before it’s time to clean gutters again. Trim any branches from trees or hedges that hang over your gutters. Branches can provide an easy access point for critters, leaves, and more. 

If you have any concerns, you should avoid cleaning gutters. You’re better off outsourcing this job to a professional company with the gear and comfort level to take care of things. 

Consider the Scope of the Job

Finally, consider the scope of the job when you’re looking to clean your gutters. For instance, does your house have multiple stories and a large footprint? Does it have an unusual roofline that poses extra challenges?

If you’re staring down a large cleaning task, you could chew up an entire weekend trying to complete it. Plus you’re at the mercy of the weather. You may need to adjust your cleaning plans quickly.

Or you may put off cleaning because of delays. Untreated gutters allow mildew and algae to take over, leading to discoloration while eating away at the gutter materials.  

Hiring a professional team is the most efficient solution. A skilled team will have the necessary pressure washer attachments and tools to clean your gutters safely. There may be multiple workers, too, ensuring that the job is finished quickly. 

You should plan on cleaning your gutters twice each year. With a professional company, you can book your cleanings in advance so you don’t overlook this critical home maintenance task. 

Learn About Cleaning Gutters with Pressure Washer Power

Cleaning gutters with pressure washer power can be an effective way to clear the grime out of your gutters and avoid pooling water. Plus you’ll enhance the appearance of your gutters and, by extension, your property. Just be aware of how much pressure you are using and consider hiring an experienced team to take care of the job for you. 

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