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Is pressure washing just cosmetic?

The algae, mildew, and mold that grow actually break down exterior surfaces!

Algae, mildew, lichen, and mold are decomposers, meaning they turn rock into dirt. They break down the surfaces they are living on by:

  • Producing acidic waste
  • Holding moisture up against surfaces
  • Feeding on the surface itself

What is pressure washing removing?

  • Mildew
  • Algae
  • Road grime
  • Non-biological contaminants
  • Gleocapsa magma.

Estimate process

We are happy to provide our residential customers a pressure washing estimate either in person or by email. We do request that the customer provide us with the services they are needing, the service address, phone number, and email. This specific information allows us to email a pressure washing estimate that is unique to your property. Rest assured that we do not add you to a mailing list and bombard you with sales ads, this simply allows us to tailor your estimate to your specific property and needs.

Commercial properties typically require a visit from our owner, Brian Del Giorno, so he can personally inspect the current condition of the property. Brian will provide you a custom pressure washing proposal that will help boost your business’s curb appeal. If the situation calls for a lift, we are Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP’s) certified.

Check Out All Of The Pressure Washing Services We Provide

House Pressure Washing

Chemically treating surfaces to remove contaminants, not manually removing contaminants with pressure washing. Our mixture is applied and rinsed at “low pressure” using a dedicated pumping system to target a specific surface, at pressures of less than 600 PSI.

Vinyl siding and Hardie siding manufacturers require that the surfaces be cleaned by low pressure. We refer to this as our soft washing approach, which is used for most vertical surfaces. With our state of the art cleaning systems, we are able to achieve superior results while abiding by all manufacture requirements. This is an excellent choice for painted surfaces, dryvit, stucco, wood, vinyl, and some metal siding. Typically, residential properties are finished pressure washing in less than 2 hours, allowing you to get on with the day once our crew leaves the site.

Roof Soft Washing

What is growing on your roof? Asphalt shingles will have gloeocapsa magma (a cyanobacteria), “black streaks”, ferns, moss, lichen, or a combination of all. The biological growth that is living on your roof is holding moisture against the surface. We use our custom blend of cleaning solution, and apply it with our soft wash pressure washing system to your roof. We follow the guidelines set by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association technical bulletin (ARMA) for the appropriate cleaning solution. This washing method is excellent for surfaces like asphalt shingles, slate, tile, flat roofs, PVC roofs, and Metal Roofs.

Concrete Pressure Washing

Concrete is a very durable surface but needs maintenance to keep it looking its very best. Over time it can darken and lose its light, bright appearance. Additionally, algae and moss build-up on concrete can cause slip hazards and make it unsafe.

There is much more to cleaning flat surface concrete than just pressure washing. For example, the age and condition of the surface are very important to consider before starting. Can this concrete receive pressure washing or will it damage the joints, exacerbate cracks, or ruin the finish?

At Brian’s Pressure Washing and More, we are experts at cleaning concrete. From the selection of the appropriate cleaning pressure washing to choosing the correct brightening agent, we will leave your concrete at its best and safest, year-round.

Deck & Fence Pressure Washing

We specialize in using a chemical solution rather than excessive pressure washing that will harm the wood. Each deck or fence project is different, but we will always encourage soft washing wood rather than harming the surface with too much pressure. The neutralizing process is just as important as the cleaning process.

Composite Decks require a specialized cleaning solution and no high pressure. These decks will last a homeowner for many years if cleaned properly. Our customary soft pressure washing process and solution produces excellent results.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti or “tagging” can be a nuisance to businesses. These acts of vandalism can lower property values and negatively impact commerce. At Brian’s Pressure Washing and More, we are experts at removing graffiti by using industry-specific chemicals, proper application techniques, and the appropriate pressure washing equipment. In fact, several commercial businesses and Homeowners Association’s (HOA) use Brian’s Pressure Washing and More for graffiti removal on an “as needed” basis.

Rust Removal Pressure Washing

Contrary to popular belief, pressure washing and bleach do not remove rust. In fact, bleach can compound the rust issues and actually make it much worse. Rust stain removal must be performed with specialty chemicals (typically acid based) and applied by an expert. Each and every rust stain is a bit different, some may be caused by fertilizer, some by iron-water stains, and some even by rusting metal elements. Just as the cause of each stain may vary, each stain also needs to be treated differently. Brian and his crew test each pressure washing scenario and give a professional opinion regarding the removal of the stains.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Maintenance of facilities such as banks and fast-food drive-throughs are important for the curb appeal of your business. Non-organic material such as oil stains, gum, food spills, brake dust, and other contaminants can quickly accumulate, making your business not presentable for new customers or your loyal customer base.

Not only can dirty facilities impact your business, but an accumulation of food grease, oil, and petroleum distillates can also actually make your facilities dangerous to the public and leave your business liable for potential “slip and fall” issues.

At Brian’s Pressure Washing and More, we use the latest in commercial-grade cleaning equipment, including Alkota brand hot water pressure washing gear, and professional degreasers and detergents to melt dirt and grime away.

All of the services mentioned above can be tailored for your business needs. We offer routine client services on a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

Commercial Drive-Through Cleaning

We are able to clean banks, restaurants, or any other commercial drive-through concrete by removing oil spots, tire marks on curbing, gum, webs, and insects, and other unsightly environmental problems.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

We make it quick and easy with our state of the art cleaning equipment. Oil, grease, and organic material are removed to provide your customers with a clean environment.

Shopping Centers and Malls

We have the crew and expertise to clean these very public spaces, while providing excellent results that keep tenants happy and increase curb appeal for customers.

Gas Station Cleaning

We keep concrete pads and canopies sparking.

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