Owning a commercial building is one of the best ways to establish passive income. This can open many opportunities in your life, such as alternative business ventures or early retirement.

However, you can’t expect to reach your goals if you have difficulty keeping your tenants satisfied. Your building’s exterior is one of its most important attributes, and neglecting it can lead to issues with tenant acquisition and retention.

Many building owners choose to work with commercial pressure-washing companies to keep their structures looking pristine. Let’s explore how to find the best pressure-washing company for your needs.

Check Their Reviews

Checking past reviews is a great way to gain insight into what you can expect from the service provider you work with. Take time to research what other people have to say. There should be no shortage of stellar feedback when browsing customer reviews.

Keep an eye on how they respond to criticism, though. If they seem to get aggressive or defensive, this is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. You might also encounter fake reviews during your search.

These are generally easy to recognize, as they’re often posted in batches. They also tend to contain similar keywords. With enough due diligence, you’ll find a reputable company that can handle your needs.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

Although cleaning a building might sound like a simple job, you should never hire someone who isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured. This could lead to a large number of complications, such as being financially liable for incidents that occur.

To clarify, let’s assume an unlicensed contractor injured themselves or damaged your property during the project. Since they don’t have an insurance policy that covers the situation, you could face the consequences instead. Reputable businesses will proudly display their credentials.

Avoid companies that seem to dodge questions about their licensing or insurance. They likely don’t have the right credentials.

Ask For References

Using a list of references can quickly help you find the ideal pressure-washing company. Reputable providers will have long lists of satisfied clients that can vouch for them.

When contacting these references, ask them about the company’s work ethic and professionalism. You should ask them if they would hire the same company again. This is also a great time to inquire about the company’s more specific nuances.

For example, you can ask if the company tried to charge miscellaneous fees for the project. After you have enough information from the references, you can compare these details to what you find in online reviews.

Get Multiple Quotes

It’s best to develop a short list of potential candidates and get multiple quotes from them. The rates they offer will likely be drastically different. Compare the cost to the level of service you’ll receive.

For example, you might find a company that offers affordable prices but doesn’t perform anything outside of washing your building. You might then have to spend time cleaning up the surrounding area. Similarly, you might find a company that offers these extra services but charges an exorbitant amount to do so.

If you’re looking for additional value for what you pay for, search for a company that provides deck staining or gutter cleaning. Services like these can make your life easier and help you achieve better results.


You often get what you pay for when choosing commercial pressure-washing companies. The last thing you want is to hire someone at the lower end of the price range. Companies that charge rock-bottom rates typically do so because they’re inexperienced or have low-quality equipment.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to pay as much as possible. There’s a point of diminishing returns regarding what you budget for.

Spending more money won’t always get better results. Instead, look for a company that lies within the middle of the price range. This can help you make a decision that meets your needs without stretching your budget.

What Technology Do They Use?

Do they use outdated pressure-washing equipment? Do they invest in new technology to improve the customer experience? These are crucial details you can’t overlook.

Better equipment means better results. It can also help the company complete the job faster. The speed of their service is an important attribute to keep in mind.

Imagine if it took your service provider multiple days or weeks to wash high-traffic areas of your building’s exterior. This could create a negative experience for your tenants and their employees/customers.

Are They Communicative?

The company you choose should be easy to get in touch with. Getting left in the dark when issues arise can be highly frustrating. Consider a scenario where you’re waiting for the company to arrive on the morning of your project.

They encounter major delays that they don’t relay to you, leaving you wondering when they’ll arrive. This can cause major scheduling issues, especially if you hire other workers for the same day.

If they don’t have a robust customer support policy, you should avoid them at all costs. Find a company that establishes when and how you’ll hear from them.

Are They Enthusiastic?

The company’s level of enthusiasm plays a large role in the results you’ll get. You can’t expect them to provide outstanding service if they don’t care about your project. You can assess their level of enthusiasm by paying attention to how many questions they ask.

Ideally, they’ll want to learn plenty of information about your goals and building details. If they seem to ignore these concerns, you’re better off exploring other options.

Choose the Right Commercial Pressure-Washing Companies

The tips in this guide will make sure that you choose the best commercial pressure-washing companies for your needs. From here, you’ll have no trouble realizing your ambitions and getting the results you desire.

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