According to popular science, it takes us only seven seconds to form a first impression. Our minds are great at taking quick shortcuts. In that short time, we analyze a person’s appearance to decide whether we find them competent, trustworthy, or reliable.

You can bet that the same is true for your brand! When a customer pulls up to your property for the first time, it takes them just seconds to glance over your building and decide if they feel comfortable trusting you with their wallet.

How do you think your brand fares during that first impression?

If you’re worried that your exterior is driving business away, consider a power wash service. A cleaner property does wonders for your curb appeal and can help you attract more customers. Let’s look at a few reasons pressure washing can get more people through your doors.

A Fresher Exterior

Your storefront’s curb appeal says a lot about your brand.

If your siding, windows, and walls look grimy and old, customers are less likely to walk away with a positive first impression. They might not even walk into your business in the first place! Why should they go to your company for help when your exterior says you can’t even help yourself?

When your building looks clean and inviting, on the other hand, you’re more likely to gain your customers’ trust. A business that knows the value of a welcoming and clean exterior always seems more professional than a brand with a run-down storefront. Because pressure washing can remove dirt, grime, stains, and other unsightly discolorations, it’s a great way to ramp up your curb appeal.

Even better, pressure washing can be a cost-effective way of freshening up your building’s look over traditional painting methods. It also takes less time to pressure wash than to paint, allowing you to brighten the building’s exterior without business interruptions or high costs.

Accessible Sidewalks and Parking

It’s easy to forget that the areas leading to your property are as essential to a customer’s experience as the property itself.

Filth, stains, and muck can make sidewalks and parking lots unsightly. Built-up grime and litter can even make them hard to navigate.

If your clients don’t appreciate the eyesore or the hassle of stepping over debris, they may take their business elsewhere. They might not even pull into the dirty lot.

Worse, inaccessible parts of your property may land you in legal hot water. Various national, state, and local laws require you to maintain your property in line with certain regulations. If you don’t, you may end up paying a hefty fine.

When you have a power washing service clean your sidewalks and parking areas, you’ll find it much easier to attract customers. Well-maintained pavement shows that you value your customers’ safety and easy access.

Attractive Company Vehicles

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles? If so, your customers’ first impression might revolve around the cleanliness of those vehicles.

This is especially true if you have a branded car or truck. As you drive from customer to customer, you’re making an impression on everyone who sees your ride in traffic!

That’s why polishing the look of your fleet is so crucial. Clean vehicles are free advertising for a reputable, trustworthy business. Dirty ones may signal a less professional brand.

Unfortunately, keeping your ride grime-free can be harder than it sounds, especially if your business requires you to drive in tough environmental conditions.

Pressure washing your brand’s vehicles can get them cleaner faster than your average car wash. Because pressure washing allows you to focus on hard-to-reach or grime-heavy areas, it’s easier to ensure a thorough shine. Even set-in stains from bird droppings, caked mud, and tree sap don’t stand a chance!

With a faster rinse via pressure washing, it’s also possible to get a cleaner finish. Though pressure washing a car can damage it if you don’t have experience, a professional pressure washer’s touch is safe enough to provide a spotless ride every time.

Fresher Air

While pressure washing can’t clean the air around your building, it can get rid of strong odors.

If your business has a collection of visible garbage cans or dumpsters, keeping this space clean is an absolute must.

Without proper care, spills, rotting food residue, and other debris can become a problem. Depending on what your business does, you may even have to deal with chemical solutions or other hazardous materials.

The foul odors from your garbage cans and the cement around them will be unappealing to potential customers. Worse, leaving trash and food debris in place can attract pests, which can become unsightly nuisances and even health hazards.

Pressure washing can clean the areas around your dumpster to make sure they remain sanitary. This service can also remove germs and bacteria from the area.

In addition, pressure washing can help get rid of mold, mildew, and other organic matter.

This is great for enhancing the look of your building, and it’s also great for the air. Mold releases spores that can damage the health of your employees and guests, causing common reactions like coughing, sneezing, and breathing difficulties. Removing mold protects your customers, making them more likely to return!

Try a Professional Power Wash Service

When you want to make your business as attractive as possible to guests, professional power washing is your best bet. This simple service leaves your property clean and bright, creating a great first impression while boosting customers’ trust. Even better, these services are often faster and more affordable than you’d think!

If you’re ready to enjoy all of the benefits above, reach out for professional power wash service today. Here at Brian’s Pressure Washing & More, our family-owned brand is proud to offer reliable cleaning to commercial brands throughout the Clarksville area and beyond. With licensed and insured technicians and our owner on-site for every job, you can trust us for safe, effective power washing.

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