Nothing makes your business’ property look amazing like a professional-grade power washing. Dirt, grime, and other particles slowly accumulate on your building, parking lot, curbs, and other structures so sneakily. Before you know it, it’s covered and your property has become an eyesore. 

The global market for pressure washing services was recently valued at $1.8 billion. Perhaps this suggests that business professionals understand the significance and importance of hiring professionals to handle this work. Knowing what to look for when hiring a pressure washer is half the battle. 

Read below so that you know what to look for when you’re seeking quality power washing service. 

Find Out Their Power Washing Process

The first thing that you need to do is learn how the company power washes. This seems simple and straightforward, but professionals have different methods that they use. One pro’s method might be perfect for one business owner, while it might strip away paint or important markings if another business owner paid for the same work. 

Book a consultation once you have found some companies that you are thinking about hiring to handle the work. They will walk you through each part of the process during the quote and can answer any questions that you have. Make sure to ask about the products they use, the pressure of the water, the type of equipment, and other pertinent information. 

Check out the company’s portfolio so you can see their work for yourself. The commercial cleaning and power washing company might have some renderings, videos, and 3D tours of complete projects that you can peruse. By looking at their previous work, you will get a clearer picture of what you will get should you hire them. 

Learn Their Specialty

Though power washing seems simple and straightforward on the surface, it’s actually a broad field. Some pros strictly handle commercial buildings, while others gravitate toward residential projects. Others may focus strictly on hardscapes like driveways, patios, public and private roads, and other fixtures. You might also need a pressure was for vandalism to your office building, or clean up after a weather event. 

Knowing the type of work that the company does best gives you some insight into how they’ll handle your project, and if they are the best ones to hire. It always pays to hire a professional toward their strength, so understand this before moving forward. 


Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

No matter what professionals you’re researching, you have to make certain that they are properly licensed and insured. They should be able to show you proof of a valid license to perform power washing. Your state has minimum standards for insurance that will cover the company’s liabilities. 

It’s easy to bypass this step and move toward receiving the power washing benefits, but you would be doing so at your own peril if the company turns out to be not credible or damages your property. Verify this information before the contractors even show up. Doing this protects all parties involved and lets you move forward with full confidence. 

Get Price Quotes

You have to also study the market to understand how much you should be paying for commercial power washing services in your area. If you’re looking for pressure washing in Clarksville, TN, make sure that you get as many quotes as possible. These price quotes will tell you how much a company will charge you for handling the work. 

This price quote will include the cost of the contractor’s time, labor, and the supplies that they’ll use. Make sure that the company itemizes its price quote so that you have more wiggle room in how you shop for the most cost-effective pressure washing service. Since there are so many power washing pros available, get at least three quotes before deciding. 

Check Their Availability

Of course, you need to know that the company that you want to hire is available. Some of these professionals book up quicker than you think, and may not be available for short-notice work. If you have plenty of time, make sure that you figure out a date that won’t intrude on your business.

Consider bringing the professionals in on an off day or weekend. If pros are going to handle your power washing during business hours, give everyone in your company plenty of notice, post signs to inform customers, and re-route traffic foot and vehicle traffic as needed. 

This will help you look after everyone’s safety while also giving your power washing pros space to work. Find out the timetable of the work so that you can make provisions as needed. 

Look Up Testimonials and Reviews

Always make sure that you’re thorough when hiring a contractor of any kind. This means getting to know their reputation in your area. You can find this out through referrals from other companies that you are cordial with. You might also look into some online testimonials and reviews that can help you out. 

Take this time to also do a background check to see how long the company has been operating. Find out if they’ve gotten any prestigious awards in the community, and whether they have an active Better Business Bureau (BBB) grade and accreditation. 



Hire the Best Power Washing Company

These points are non-negotiable whenever you need to hire a professional power washing company. Leave no stone unturned and reach out to the best pros in Clarksville. 

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